Commission Information

I am currently open for commissions! I work in sizes from A6 to A3, exclusively on paper and in traditional art. Please understand that my prices will vary depending on the size and complexity of the commission in question, so it's always best to discuss exactly what you want with me before I get started.  

If you have seen my Transformers work and would like to commission art of a specific character, please specify who you would like, the continuity (Transformers animated, Transformers Prime, IDW etc.) and whether you would like a headshot, half body or full body. Similarly please specify if you would like pencils, linework only, flat colours or full colour rendering. 

If you would like any of my paintings to be on the wooden slats you have seen on my youtube channel please get in contact as to the size you would like, as I can get them cut and sanded smaller to reduce the price and shipping. 

If you would like a custom painted denim item please contact me to arrange mailing your clothes of choice over to me to paint. Please be aware these kinds of commissions tend to take longer due to shipping times and the complexity of the commission on fabric. 

In general terms, I offer several different types of commission work. On paper, buyers can choose from;

- A6, 5, 4 and 3 in white paper

- A6, 5 and 4 in brown paper

- Pencil Lines only

- Black and White Linework

- Flat colours in either watercolour or gouache

- Full colours in watercolour or gouache

- Mixed media effects such as metal flakes, text stamps, or my marker wash technique.