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Welcome to my webpage! Be sure to check out my Instagram for behind the scenes updates on my current projects, Youtube for tutorials and speed paints and my Tumblr for unrestricted access to my brain. 

Feel free to browse my shop and please don't be afraid to get in contact for commissions or testimonies! I'm more than happy to collaborate on projects too!

Rheic - Arts

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Welcome to my webpage!

I make Aparrell, Accessories and Artwork

for Edgy Misfits and Extravagant Outsiders.

I hope you like skeletons. 

Timeless Thoughts
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My artwork is wholly traditional and draws on the darker, though not necessarily the scarier, sides of life. I aim to normalise the strange, the eccentric and the otherworldly through ink and watercolour, and recently through more mixed media approaches like markers, metal flakes and gouache. I often try new things and record the process on youtube for others to commiserate and (hopefully) learn from. Or yell at me about how I'm doing it wrong. That too. 

Covid-19 has unfortunately prevented me from selling at any conventions this year as I normally would, but I am using the opportunity to build up my portfolio and create an online store that isn't POD (Print On Demand) based, so please stay tuned while I work out where I'm going and how the postal system works. 

Hope everyone is staying safe in these strange times, look after yourselves and hopefully a better normal than existed before will come around soon. 

Check Out Some of My Videos! There's Speedpaint, How-To's and much more on My Youtube Channel!

“I commissioned Melissa to create an 'author headshot' for me to use in my book and online...not only is she very talented...but she is a consummate professional. I would absolutely recommend her!"

—  Dr Harriet Earle, Author and Lecturer

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